Confide frontman Ross Kenyon knows his band is going to catch hell for covering the Postal Service song 'Such Great Heights' on the re-release of its debut album 'Shout The Truth.'

"A lot of kids seem to like it, but a lot of kids seem to hate it at the same time," Kenyon told Noisecreep. "True diehard fans hate it, obviously, because those kids probably don't like the whole screaming thing. Maybe if I was a diehard Postal Service fan I would probably be on their side with it, too. I'd probably think that we butchered the song. But oh well. I think it's good. I had fun with it."

The Los Angeles-based Christian post-hardcore band recently released the video for the cover, featuring the band performing live in a studio.


"It took a full day," said Kenyon, a Manchester, England native who joined Confide two years ago. "We probably did 10 to 15 takes. Then probably a week for the dude who shot it to edit it, and then we got it back a week later. The first time we ever shot a video was for the song on the first album, 'If We Were a Sinking Ship.' That was maybe like a year and a half ago. That was maybe awkward for the first few takes, just because we weren't used to performing with a camera right in our faces.

"But after the first few takes, you kind of get over it and just kind of get into it. Then it's fine. It doesn't really bother me at all. It was fun. The guy that shot the video [Daniel Chestnut] was one of our really close friends. It was really easy to work with him."

Chestnut, an ex-employee of Confide's former label, Science Records, made the making of the video very easy. One thing that wasn't simple, however, was choosing which cover to perform.

"Pretty much, we decided to cover 'Such Great Heights' because it was the only song all of us could agree on," Kenyon said. "We were [sitting] in our drummer's studio one night and we said, 'Everybody's doing cover songs now. Let's just do one for the heck of it. It'll be fun.' We were looking at iTunes at all these artists and songs we might want to cover.

"Everyone was throwing ideas out there, and they'd get shot down straight away. It was really hard for everyone to be on the same page and pick one song. We came to the Postal Service and we were like, 'Why not cover "Such Great Heights?"' Then everybody got super stoked. Yeah let's go with that song."