Combichrist's new album is dubbed 'Making Monsters,' so it makes perfect sense for Noisecreep to probe the aggrotech band's vocalist Andy LaPlegua about the scariest monster out there. And no, we don't mean Cookie Monster, either.

"The scariest monster? Humanity for sure," LaPlegua told Noisecreep. While we're not exactly going to argue that point, we also asked the vocalist which movie monster scared him the most while growing up. His answer was incredibly surprising. "Hmm, I don't find monster movies so scary anymore," he said. "Perhaps because horror movies are something I am immune to. I think back to being a kid, and the flying dog in 'The Neverending Story' stuck with me."

LaPlegua elaborated, "That was scariest ... the only thing I had a nightmare about. I saw 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' when I was a kid, but it didn't stick as deep as that flying dog. Not even the wolf scared me. He was cute. That's what I don't get. That's what I was afraid of." For those unaware, he's referring to Falcore the Luck Dragon, by the way.

What about creating the perfect monster? Would it have Jaws' teeth? Dracula's fangs? Frankenstein's neck bolts? LaPlegua shot that idea down with an excellent point, saying, "The perfect monster was already created, Godzilla was pretty perfect. It is hard to beat Godzilla. That is why the name God is in there."

'Making Monsters' is out now.