Noodling around on his acoustic guitar backstage at the recent NAMM Convention before going out to perform a six-song set on the Taylor stage, Coheed and Cambria founder and frontman Claudio Sanchez spoke reflectively with Noisecreep about the band's buzzworthy upcoming tour.

Hitting the road in April, Coheed and Cambria will be going back to their roots, playing 'The Second Stage Turbine Blade' in its entirety (along with a special acoustic set and an additional electric set). For Sanchez, playing their debut album is a chance to give back to the faithful.

"When I think of riding in a van for all those years ago, not knowing what to expect -- and to have the audience growing with each trip -- it just makes us want to [do something] special for the fans. They've allowed us to come this far, and so we always think of terms of 'what can we do for them?'"

Guitarist Travis Stever is also anxious to get back onstage and take the fans back to the beginning. "Every night will have its own special kind of mood and feeling. Even though we'll be doing that album each show, no two performances will be alike. And we've got a lot of other cool things planned. And we know that, creatively, a tour like this will help push us into different directions. That's the beauty of the process."

Sanchez -- who cited a Pink Floyd concert he saw when he was teenager as one of the events that inspired his high-concept approach to musical storytelling -- provided Noisecreep with a tantalizing glimpse into what the next musical chapter for the band might entail. Despite the end of the five-album Amory Wars story arc with 'Year of the Black Rainbow,' Sanchez hinted that the upcoming Coheed album may focus on a character from much earlier in the saga.

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