It's no compliment to be referred to as the ugliest hardcore band to come out of Kansas, but when Scratch the Surface posted their interview with Coalesce guitarist Jens Steineger, it wasn't a mean-spirited remark. The vulgar adjective describes their unconvential history as a hardcore band that played by its own rules and is now reuniting after years of uncertainty regarding the band's fate.

With the recent release of 'Ox,' Coalesce have been garnering attention for making it seem like this isn't their first record in 10 years. Many have reviewed their recent sound, saying it's as hard as ever. "We like making music together as a way of making sure we make time to hang out," Steineger says. "There's something exciting about laying demo tracks for new music and thinking about how it might go over in a live environment when we can really cut loose and experience the song in its deeper moments."

As for the band's timing, Jens admits being unaware of what's on the upswing, but declares older genres, such as grunge, as everlasting. "The grunge generation never died in my mind," he says. "Maybe some day after Coalesce, I can start a new band that tries to rip off these Soundgarden songs ... haha."