When both Fenriz of Darkthrone and the Yob guys are flipping out about your band, odds are you're doing something right. Endorsements from cult album artist Dennis Dread and, uh, NPR can't hurt, either. Extreme tastemakers 20 Buck Spin clearly agree, singing a deal in blood to release Christian Mistress' highly-anticipated new opus. The Olympia, Wash. quintet have made it their business to immerse themselves in the classic sounds of the '80s -- and business is good!

Promising six slow-burning songs of vintage heavy metal thunder and whispering about touring plans for the latter days of 2010, 'Agony & Opium' is poised to become one of the most interesting (and hesher-approved) albums of the year, making a place for itself on 20 Buck Spin's notoriously eclectic roster.

With their shredding dual guitar leads, NWOBHM-caliber gallops, devilishly catchy songwriting and a balls-to-the-wall vocalist Christine Davis, Christian Mistress have the best of both worlds -- old-school passion and modern know-how. Fans of Angel Witch, Warlock, Mercyful Fate and Manilla Road, break out your old denim vest and make room for some new Christian Mistress patches!

You won't find these diehards online -- there's no Myspace to be found, and their demos are long sold out. However, you can check out the track 'Home in the Sun.'

'Agony & Opium' track list

1. 'Riding on the Edges'

2. 'Desert Rose'

3. 'Home in the Sun'

4. 'Poison Path'

5. 'Black Vigil'

6. 'Omega Stone'