Children 18:3 are a trio of rockers with a serious dedication to their spirituality. When they were recording their recently released third album, On the Run, the band found time to chill out, go see high school basketball games and to hit church!

Drummer Seth Aaron spoke to Noisecreep about the process of putting the new album together, what book of the Bible over which they engage in debates and more, sharing details about his and his bandmates interests, Twitter-style.

Can you take us inside the recording process?

Hmmm, honestly we're all pretty chill in the studio. Usually, the two who were not tracking at the moment were either reading, at the gym, or watching a classic movie or the Food Network. This record was fun though, because we did it with Travis Wyrick (P.O.D.), and he's just nuts. The guy is a machine - hyper all day long and super fun. I've never met a producer that gets up at 6 everyday and still works late hours. We all hung out a lot even went we weren't tracking, we went to his daughters' high school basketball games and his church, and we'd go out to eat with him almost every day. That was a blast.

Do you guys have any non-music hobbies or interests or talents?

[Vocalist/guitarist] David [Hostetter] has dabbled in photography and has a book of his work coming out this summer. He also enjoys learning, discussing and mildly debating about the book of Revelation and the end times. [Bassist] Lee Marie [Hostetter] and I are both fitness freaks and hit up the gym together quite often. All three of us are very big fans of grilling out and plan on doing it as much as possible this summer, on tour and off.

What is the significance of the band name? It'd seem biblical, but we don't want to assume...

Children 18:3 came from the Bible verse Matthew 18:3, which says unless you change and become like a little child, you will by no means enter the kingdom of Heaven. We picked that name back in 1999 when it was really cool to have names with numbers in it. A lot of bands were doing it: Blink-182, pax217, Project 86, Element 101, Squad Five-0. So we thought it was cool.

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Give us a Twitter-sized bio of the band. Basically, 140 words of EVERYTHING we NEED to know!

Children 18:3. On the Run. 2 boys, 1 girl. Onstage: fast, loud, crazy, fun, intense.

Seth: always drives, drums, finds the coffee, friendly, best at P.R., Jazz, R&B, Metal, pop-punk #steady

Dave: writes the set, guitar, sings all the time, best with kids, Metal, Hardcore, Taylor Swift #crazy

LM: paperwork/merch, bass, sings, hides out, hangs w/ the girls, pop, Hardcore #smart God, work hard, bless others, make good art.

Offstage: quiet, laid-back, intense, hard working.

Tour: coffee, energy drinks, gym, skateboard, photography, books about God, movies-action-classics, music.

Home: work, practice, theatre/acting, grilling out, bikes, kittens


Children 18:3's new album, On the Run, is available now via Tooth & Nail.