Chickenfoot -- featuring Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Joe Satriani and Chad Smith -- aren't exactly on a small budget. So when it comes time for the band to make a new music video, pinching pennies isn't necessarily at the top of the concern list. The band is, however, revolutionary. So when a fan approached the band about making an animated clip for 'Get it Up' from 2009's self-titled release, all members were on board.

"We can't say enough about how incredible it is that a fan would create something like this," Chickenfoot guitarist Joe Satriani tells Noisecreep of the video. "Art that is inspired by our music is the ultimate compliment. We had no plans to do a video for the song, which makes this doubly rewarding."


The story behind the clip for 'Get it Up' is pretty amazing and told by the superfan on Chickenfoot's official Web site. Experienced director and Toronto native Darin Bristow came up with the video concept while jogging on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Of course, he was listening to the high octane Chickenfoot debut during the run ... and everything just started falling into place. An e-mail to Sammy Hagar lead to conversations with Chickenfoot's manager -- and eventually an in-person meeting with the band. Bristow pitched his idea, showed off animation cells, worked with a production team from Pipeline Studios and suddenly found himself with one amazing final project that debuted on Chickenfoot's site last month.