There are a lot of things Chevelle are known for -- driving melodies that soar into low-tuned riffs, abstract yet introspective lyrics, an unmatched live power -- which is why it makes sense for the hard rocking act to show off that stage show and the intensity between the Illinois band and their devoted fans for 'Shameful Metaphors.'

'Shameful Metaphors' is the third single from their fifth album, 'Sci-Fi Crimes,' and has quickly become a fan favorite; even being called one of their best songs. Watching the frenzied crowd at the Verizon Theater in Dallas connect to the band makes it undeniable. Chevelle know how to deliver the goods -- and they should, having over 1,500 shows under their belts

On Oct. 29 and 30, Chevelle will celebrate their 10th anniversary by playing two shows at the Metro in Chicago in a nod to their early days.