A bunch of badass, tattooed nuns -- or so we think at first -- are the breakout stars of Charming Liars' video for 'New Disorder.' But not everything is how it seems in life and in this fully and highly entertaining video.

These ladies are serious badasses as they take on a tattooed gang banger and show that even with alleged preconceptions, they won't take attitude from anybody. The video is certainly entertaining, and is accompanied by the band's polished hard rock.

So settle in and enjoy this four-minute thrill ride, which includes more debauchery in a hotel room, tons and tons of gun-toting nuns and a devilish creature. Really, we can't say anything more. Just watch. There's a lot of action so don't blink or you will miss it.

Charming Liars also appear in the video's performance footage, but no offense, as the nuns steal the show.

Speaking of shows, fans can currently catch Charming Liars on the UPROAR festival and they've booked dates beyond the run with Sick Puppies. To see their itinerary, click here. The band's 'New DIsorder' EP is out now and available via iTunes.