It's not 'black metal,' per-se. But it's most definitely black metal. France's Celeste conjure some of the darkest sounds ever recorded, and they manage to seamlessly blend the aesthetics of hardcore and black metal with nary a breakdown or a blast beat. Their sophomore record, 'Misanthrope(s),' is a loud, aggressive and downright pissed-off piece of music -- and it really gets the point across.

The point being? "The main theme for this record is that human beings can't do much worse," explains Celeste vocalist Johan. "The album hits on topics like pedophilia, incest, rape, religion, war, etc. and my hatred for all of those things." Those aren't topics for the faint of heart, and the dark din of 'Misanthrope(s)' is suitably vicious enough to match the lyrical content within. 'Misanthrope(s)' is out now via Denovali.