Seminal Boston metal/hardcore-turned-space-rock-turned-temporarily-defunct quartet Cave In have officially announced the end of a three year hiatus. Good news, if you live in New England that is: The sole reunion show thus far announced takes place at Great Scott in Allston, Massachusetts on Sunday, July 19 and the band's new EP, 'Planets of Old' (Hydrahead; limited 12"; recorded by Adam Taylor, Alex Hartman & Johnny Northrup at Camp St. Studio), will only be available at said show, at least for the time being. Tickets for the show go on sale tomorrow morning at 10am EST.

"The band has been keeping in practice some new stuff from the 'Planets Of Old' EP, while happily rehearsing some older tunes as well," guitarist/vocalist Steve Brodsky told Noisecreep. "All in all, we're just shaking off the rust from inside our wrists to get back that old-time heavy metal feel!"

Here's to hoping this show and EP are only the tip of the iceberg!