10 Best Music Videos From Masked Rock Acts
Rock and roll and grand theatrics have been tied together for most of rock's history. When heavy metal came onto the scene, crazy stage shows were a perfect fit for the dark, thumping, high-energy music. While rock often involves vanity and narcissism, some metal mavens choose to wear a mask or…
10 Best Bush Videos
Entering the second act of their career, Bush are still as dedicated to the video format as they were early on and they've only added to their stellar music video catalog.
10 Best Seether Videos
Seether's longevity can be credited with their penchant for creating sustainable and catchy rock melodies. The South African rockers have never been afraid to take risks, showing a willingness to mix it up by adding in both blues and country elements to their hard rocking sound. That experiment…
10 Most Underrated Deftones Songs
With seven albums in their repertoire, Sacto metal superstars Deftones have a wealth of songs under their belts. They have radio hits that expanded their fanbase; soundtrack cuts that have earned a cult-like status among the diehards who savor them; and plenty of supercharged ragers that completely …
10 Most Underrated Judas Priest Songs
Judas Priest were one of the first true heavy metal bands, getting their start in Birmingham, England. Their 16 studio albums have taken the world on a diverse and vast musical journey as they changed with the times and adapted their style with the evolution of heavy metal. They have hit songs from …
10 Best Double Albums
The 45 single was the ideal companion to the 3-minute pop song in the ‘50s and ‘60s, but the rise of the double album in the late ‘60s proved to be a godsend to the world of progressive rock. The elongated time the two pieces of vinyl provided was exactly what the wildly inventi…
10 Best Budget Guitar Amps
For guitar players, finding the right sound is of the utmost importance. Often, perfecting one's tone can become an obsession. Many guitarists have spent unheard-of amounts of money seeking out the perfect sound. But most of us don't have that luxury.
10 Most Underrated Black Sabbath Songs
Black Sabbath are the band that started it all. Over the last 40 years, they have released 19 studio albums, which is a lot of material for any fan to digest. Of course, we have the staple songs that will never leave any playlist and can be played on repeat until the end of time without ever soundin…
10 Best Papa Roach Videos
Papa Roach have been making a racket for the past 15 years. Their music is explosive and their visuals are chaotic, due in large part to the push and pull posturing of singer Jacoby Shaddix. You're never quite sure when his fuse is going to blow, but it usually always does at some point.

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