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Best Metallica Era – Readers Poll
Metallica have enjoyed a successful career that has spanned the decades, but which era of the band is the best? There's definitely high points from the '80s, the '90s and the '00s and beyond, which makes this a difficult decision, but we want to know which era you feel is the bes…
2013 Album Holiday Gift – Readers Poll
Christmas is almost here and there are plenty of people waiting until the last minute to get their shopping done. And while most of our readers are pretty familiar with rock and metal, there are likely a few family members out there that could use a little nudge in the right direction in terms of wh…
Favorite KISS Song – Readers Poll
KISS will finally enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame after years of fan outcry and a career filled with hit songs, rocking albums and stellar live performances. As we reflect on the band's career, we want to know which of KISS' songs is your favorite.
Most Shocking Story of 2013 – Readers Poll
It certainly has been an eventful year providing plenty of surprises, but we want to know which story caught you most off guard when it broke. We've got five nominees that all came as a shock to us when they occurred, making for some of the more interesting stories of the year.
Lostprophets’ Ian Watkins Sentenced – Readers Poll
After recently pleading guilty to a total of 13 offenses, including child sex crimes, former Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins has received a 35-year prison sentence. There's no doubt the severity of Watkins' crimes, but this Readers Poll asks if you think the sentence was fair.
Vote for the Most Anticipated Release of January 2014
Just because the holidays are over doesn't mean the music world shuts down. In fact, after a dearth of December releases, the album and DVD schedule is starting to fill up again. There's an interesting group of big time acts, up-and-comers and familiar faces in new places releasing new mus…
Slipknot Replacement Drummer – Readers Poll
To say that Joey Jordison exiting Slipknot is a surprise is somewhat of an understatement. The drummer had been vocal over the years about Slipknot always being at the forefront of his mind and that he was continually writing for the band. He was also among the most vocal after the death of Paul Gra…
Favorite Rock Star TV Cameo – Readers Poll
There's a whole lot of rocker representation on the horizon for the upcoming season of IFC's 'Portlandia.' Noted Pacific Northwesterner Duff McKagan, of Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver and Walking Papers fame will make a cameo on the upcoming season. Fans can also keep an eye out for Queens of the St…
Favorite Motley Crue Song – Readers Poll
Motley Crue are starting the wind down to the end of their career, but it's been one hell of a ride. This Readers Poll reflects on the band's extensive catalog and asks you which of their songs is your favorite.

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