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The Creepies – Noisecreep’s First Annual Rock + Metal Awards
2013 was a great year for music and with some time to get some separation and reflect on the year that was, Noisecreep brings you the first annual Creepies, our rock and metal awards! We've provided you with five categories celebrating the best of music in 2013 and want your help in determining whic…
Vote for the Most Anticipated Release of May 2014!
2014 is moving right along, especially now that the album release schedule is more populated. And the month of May looks like a heavy, heavy month for new releases. With that in mind, we want to know which of May's new offerings you are most interesting in picking up.
Vote for the Most Anticipated Release of April 2014!
It's safe to say that the year of 2014 in music will officially begin taking shape next month. After a few light months of new releases, there will be plenty for hard rock and metal fans to digest once the month of April hits, and we want to know which new release is the one you most want to pi…
Vote for the Most Anticipated Release of March 2014!
As we move closer toward March 2014, the new release schedule is starting to be more plentiful. There's lots of new discs to pick up from both veteran acts and up-and-coming bands. And with so many options, we want to know which new release you must want to purchase next month.
Vote for the Most Anticipated Release of February 2014
February may be the shortest month of the year, but it's definitely not lacking in interesting and rocking releases. There's a solid mix of veteran rock and metal acts, up-and-comers and both audio and video releases which make February a solid month for new offerings. With that said, we w…
New Slayer Album – Readers Poll
Slayer guitarist Kerry King has given a very telling interview to Metal Hammer about the writing process for the band's next album and addressing what it's like to pen a disc minus the band's longtime guitarist and his songwriting cohort Jeff Hanneman.
Best AC/DC Song – Readers Poll
AC/DC have enjoyed a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame career that's yielded plenty of hard rocking singles. But which of their songs is the best? That is the subject of this Readers Poll.
Joey Jordison’s Slipknot Exit – Readers Poll
One of the more shocking events of late 2013 was the announcement that Slipknot had parted ways with longtime drummer Joey Jordison. The timing felt odd as Jordison had been one of the most vocal members about pushing forward with new music and the band was just starting to ramp up to a new album fo…
Best Anthrax Album – Readers Poll
On Dec. 31, 1963, future metal guitarist Scott Ian entered the world. As we all know now, Ian would go on to be one of the founding members of thrash metal icons Anthrax. This Readers Poll reflects on the band's career and asks you, the Anthrax fans, which of their albums is the best.
Future of Slipknot – Readers Poll
Slipknot are beginning the transition to working on their first new album since 2008's 'All Hope Is Gone' and more eyes than ever are on the band as they've undergone some pretty significant changes since the last disc. The death of bassist Paul Gray and the recent departure of drummer Joey Jordison…

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