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Favorite Carnival of Madness Lineup – Readers Poll
The Carnival of Madness tour is going strong, as audiences across the country get to take in tour originators Shinedown and their cohorts. This Readers Poll reflects on the history of the successful trek and asks you which of the bills has been your favorite.
Favorite Rob Halford Judas Priest Album – Readers Poll
On Aug. 25, 1951, the world welcomed the screaming pipes of Rob Halford. Years later, the Judas Priest frontman has been crowned the "Metal God" for his powerful vocal prowess. This Readers Poll asks you to name which Judas Priest album from the singer's two stints in the…
Favorite Foo Fighters Album – Readers Poll
It's pretty amazing to see how far Foo Fighters have come, considering that back in post-Nirvana 1994 Dave Grohl decided to record a bunch of demos on his own and see how things would go. Years later, he's got one of the biggest bands on the planet. This Readers Poll reflects on the band&a…
Favorite Black Sabbath Album – Readers Poll
Black Sabbath have been one of metal's more prolific bands, no matter what the lineup of the group has been. This Readers Poll reflects on their output over the years and asks you to name your favorite Black Sabbath album.

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