Carnifex's 'Hell Chose Me' is out now via Victory Records, and while it's a hair-on-the-chest blend of deathcore, vocalist Scott Lewis told Noisecreep, "Our musical direction has shifted slightly. Nothing too major, but as we change, so does our music. Some fans will grow with us and some will not. Overall, we know we have made some really progressive changes and are totally happy with the outcome." Lewis has no recording horror stories to report, admitting it was "the most straightforward recording session we have ever had, and Zack Ohren is an amazing engineer and knew exactly what was going on at all times."

The band's name sounds like a medicinal drug or that lip balm (that'd be Carmex). But Lewis revealed that it's actually of Latin origin, saying, "It was used in the 1300s as the name for the place where you would be executed if you committed a crime against royalty or the church. It seemed fitting." While Carnifex's music isn't blaspheming like many anti-Christian black metal acts, it is as intense as being locked in a room awaiting execution.

In 2010, expect to see Carnifex on the road. A lot. "We're going to tour the world and get inside your head until you can't think about anything else," the vocalist said.