Cardiac ArrestDeath metal band Cardiac Arrest are adding to their festering discography with the release of 'Haven for the Insane,' on Ibex Moon Records. Horror artist Matthew Carr, known more as Putrid, created the very red and gore-filled album cover for the band. "They just wanted an old pit of depravity insane asylum room with a bunch of locked up lunatics wallowing in sickness and filth," Putrid told Noisecreep. "Well it was definitely pretty easy to come up with ideas for this one as that's right up my alley."

Putrid specializes in horror-based art with old-school themes -- the strokes and color of his sickening art have been transferred to skateboard decks, show posters, T-shirts and CD covers, naturally. He even has a book out of old and new work.

Like any good artist, Putrid unconsciously drew on current negative life circumstances when drawing up the art for 'Haven for the Insane.' "At the time I was doing this I was going through some stressful life bulls---, and that definitely affected the inking style and lighting that I chose for this," he explained. "Normally I wouldn't use such a spastic crosshatching and dirty line style, but when I was at the table inking I couldn't sit still and was very on edge, so I think it shows in the piece as well as with the lighting."

Cardiac Arrest will tour America most of July to support 'Haven for the Insane.'