12 is the magic number for Cannibal Corpse. The long-running death metal band is now recording its 12th album at Sonic Ranch studios in Texas with producer (and fellow death metallion) Erik Rutan. While the band has recorded at Sonic Ranch in the past, album 12 marks the first time that Rutan, who fronts Hate Eternal and was formerly a member of Morbid Angel and Ripping Corpse, is at the helm in this particular facility. That's a whole helluva lot of death metal experience, skill and talent in southwest Texas right now!

Bassist Alex Webster stated, "After having spent the past seven months writing and rehearsing new material, we're very excited to finally begin recording. We've had great success working with Erik Rutan on our past two albums so we've decided to work with him again, but to keep things fresh, we decided on a change of location.

"We're returning to Sonic Ranch studios in Texas, where we've recorded several albums in the past. We are psyched to see how this combination works out. We feel it's pairing that could result in our best album yet."

Watch 'Evisceration Plague' from Cannibal Corpse


Erik Rutan worked with Cannibal Corpse for both 2006's 'Kill' and 2009's 'Evisceration Plague,' so the third time is most definitely the charm for the producer and the death metal legends! "I am super excited to work with Cannibal Corpse for our third album together. We are determined to make the best album we possibly can. Everyone is very focused and the new material is awesome. There is a great blend of classic, old school Cannibal Corpse, with a newer, more heavy, dynamic and aggressive approach. I look forward to the challenge of making one heavy as hell record," Rutan said.

And we look forward to listening to it, guys!