Will Cannibal Corpse be read out loud in court? Will the artwork of Lamb Of God be examined by some expert on satanic imagery and moral fiber? This could very well happen in the media over the murder of ABC News Radio journalist George Weber, who was found in his Brooklyn home on March 22 stabbed to death over fifty times. Sixteen-year-old metal fan and self-described "anarchist" John Katehis has been charged in the murder and according to police Katehis has confessed to the murder but has not entered a plea yet.

Recent photos were spared an internet death from the alleged killers MySpace page that was deleted last Wednesday. The pictures have knives being shown off in a pageantry of aggression while Katehis wears Cannibal Corpse and Lamb of God shirts. Jewelry with pentagrams is worn as well. For some, these metal band shirts could be equal to the AC/DC hat that Richard Rameriz left at the scene of a crime in the mid 80s Night Stalker killings. Metal could be put on trail as the cause for murder once again.

According to news sites covering this story, the murder happened as a result of a violent sex encounter gone way too far. The NY Daily News reports that Weber had placed a Craig's List ad stating, "I can smother somebody for $60." Katehis involvement in the murder was discovered after police searched through Weber's emails and a witness placed Katehis at Weber's apartment.

As of now no spokesperson for a conservative family group has cried metal as the true parent of the murder, but it may only be a matter of time. We've seen that finger pointing blame at metal too many times to know its coming.