"Man, it's been really hectic lately, but I'm happy to be doing stuff I love," Morgan Rose tells Noisecreep. The Sevendust drummer is on the phone with us discussing Call Me No One, the new hard rock band he's playing in with his Sevendust bandmate, guitarist Clint Lowery.

The group just issued their debut album, Last Parade, and its endless array of vocal and guitar hooks have found a lot of love on the Noisecreep stereo. We asked Rose about Call Me No One's unique band name: "It's kind of a nameless/faceless kind of thing. I guess you can say it's an anti-rockstar slogan for us. There's so much arrogance with a lot of artists out there right now.

"Everyone in this band respects what we get to do for a living. We see a lot of other bands that don't do that and it gets under my skin so bad. I'm sick of these dudes. Look, we all have our days, but some musicians out there don't get it. To gripe about a meet & greet, or complain about an interview – you start asking yourself if these dudes even know how fucking lucky they are. It's really not that hard to be a musician on the road. The tough part is being away from your family. The actual labor – it's a really blessed life," Rose says.


The 43-year-old drummer has been a professional musician since he co-founded Sevendust back in 1994, but he admits that all of the years on the road have wreaked havoc on his body: "My biggest concern has been the physical side of it. I've basically made a living by killing myself and now I'm not 25 anymore. I mean, mentally, I'm 25, at best. But my body is 95. I've always said that I didn't want to become one of those dudes playing in a band that looked all decrepit. I don't want people saying, 'I remember when he used to bring it so hard and now he can barely do it.' That's terrifying to me because I love what I do for a living."

Rose tells us about a recent story related to his health: "We went to play a show in Charleston, S.C. and I've never been one to warm up before we play. I was warned that as I got older, that would catch up with me. I literally don't play the drums at all. Outside of tracking the Call Me No One album, I've touched my drum set five times in six months, and that was to move them out of my way.

"Anyway, we were playing this show in Charleston and about half way through, I was looking at my tech and said to him, 'I don't know if it's my back or my neck, but I don't feel right.' I even thought it could have been a stroke. It was really scary, man. That made me go back to the gym and start stretching out before and after I play. I don't want to die on stage."

Listen to "Biggest Fan" from Call Me No One

You can catch Rose (hopefully all stretched out and shit) and Call Me No One out on tour on the dates listed below. Last Parade is available now via 7Bros/Asylum and can be purchased on on iTunes today

07/27/12 Fort Wayne, IN Piere's

07/28/12 Madison, WI Willow Island at Alliant Energy Center

07/29/12 Joliet, IL Mojoes

07/31/12 Covington, KY Madison Theater

08/01/12 Portsmouth, OH Columbis Music Arena

08/02/12 South Bend, IN Club Landing

08/03/12 Dayton, OH McGuffy's House of Rock

08/04/12 Louisville, KY The Phoenix Hill Tavern

08/06/12 Johnson City, TN Capones

08/08/12 Marietta, GA The 120 Tavern and Music Hall

08/09/12 Birmingham, AL Zydeco

08/10/12 Gulfport, MS Jones Park

08/11/12 Broussard, LA The Station Bar and Grill