We know that asking an artist about his or her favorite songs on an album is like asking them to pick their favorite pet or kid. It's not easy to do, but Caliban guitarist Marc Gortz was able to suggest two of his current faves from the German metalcore band's latest, 'Say Hello to Tragedy.' So consider it like Gortz' personal suggestions on which two songs to check out first when you nab your copy of the new album.

'24 Years': "I like the lyrics because they mean a lot to us, about the tragedy of what happened a few years ago in Austria. A young girl was locked up by her father for 24 years and he forced her to have kids with him. The lyrics match the music, and it is one of my favorites."

'Caliban's Revenge': "We shot a video for it. It's fast but it's also got a lot of melodic parts. It flows really nice."

Gortz also told Noisecreep that he's always up until 4 or 5 in the morning working on music, so he is somewhat nocturnal by default. "I write songs during the night so no one can disturb me or call me," he said. "I am concentrating. The band is my full-time job, or I would not be able to be up till 5 AM."