While music is a key component in any band's success, there are other factors that help them out along the way and Cage the Elephant have definitely keyed in on building relationships with both their fans and many of the bands they play with.

Noisecreep recently spoke with Cage the Elephant guitarist Lincoln Parish, who talked about reaching out to those who follow them and learning from acts they respect. "Meeting the people who actually listen to our music, that's one thing that's awesome about being on the road, you meet so many amazing people," says Parish. "It can be anyone, it could be the guy you meet on the street. Just random connections with people that you can take little things from that inspire you. I feel like that's cool, at least it is to me. I like meeting other people and seeing where they're coming from."

The relationship building goes just beyond their fans, as they've found a few acts who've mentored them along the way. Parish recalls, "That's how the Foo Fighters were. All those guys were so nice and genuinely nice. Yeah I mean, they actually care. At least they come across that way, they're good actors if they don't. [laughs] They were really amazing people. We'd hang out with them in catering, they felt more like old buddies from high school and not other rock stars. That's really respectable in today's industry."

Parish says that it's not always the case with bands that you tour with where everything works out so well. He adds, "You don't really get that a lot. Some people can have one half decent song and think they're Nirvana. Sometimes it goes straight to people's heads. It's refreshing to see it didn't with them. They're so nice and humble and they're the biggest band in the world."

Cage the Elephant are planning more promo shows later in the year before fully exploring their own tour in support of the 'Melophobia' album. The disc just dropped in stores and you can pick it up at this location.