Butcher Babies' super hot frontladies Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey and their bandmates are taking viewers behind the scenes of their video for 'Magnolia Blvd.,' the set of which boasted its own catering truck. The ladies were stoked about that detail, since this was the band's first "big" production, on a real set with a full crew and eats!

These details were all signs that it's onward and upward for the Babies, so they made the best of it and weren't afraid to share the intimate details of what went into shooting the video in this three-minute featurette. The actual video hasn't premiered yet, so this behind-the-scenes look should get fans pumped for the "real" thing.

Drummer Chrissy Harvey revealed that he was in every single live shot and estimated that he banged his head for about 12 or 13 takes. We hope an on-set PA got him some Tylenol or provided a neck massage.

The director also offered some keen insight into what's going on with the main character and his alter ego, so pay attention. Shepherd also explained that the clip centers on the idea that adjustments must happen whenever you go somewhere new.

We won't spoil any of the surprises -- just watch the behind-the-scenes footage.