Burzum's Varg Vikernes could be in serious legal hot water. He was arrested on the suspicion of planning a "massacre" and being likely to prepare a "large-scale act of terrorism." The singer was arrested today (July 16) by the Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence (DCRI) at his farm in in Corrèze, France.

The frontman, 40, has a reputation that precedes him. He is known for his controversial opinions and viewpoints and has been tagged as a neo-Nazi sympathizer. He also spent 21 years in prison for famously murdering fellow black metal scenester Euronymous of Mayhem during the black metal crisis of Scandinavia of the 1990s.

There were several suspicions that lead authorities to fear that Vikernes could possibly carry out "a violent act." Vikernes, who has been free since May 2009, was arrested after his wife Marie Cachet, a French national and shooting club member, purchased four rifles. She did so legally. The home was ultimately searched for further weapons and explosives. Exactly what the search turned up is undetermined at press time.

Vikernes, who lives in France with his wife and their three children, was investigated because he was one of 530 people to receive a manifesto from Anders Behring Breivik. He is a far-right extremist who is responsible for two attacks in Oslo, Norway, which took place in July of 2011 and killed 77 people. He is serving 21 years in prison for terrorism.

Metal Sucks points out that Vikernes didn't exactly hide his receipt of the document. The musician also criticized Breivik since he killed innocent Norwegians. His rant about Breivik can be read here.