Burn Halo

Can it be? A professional musician who still believes there's money to be made in the music biz? Burn Halo frontman James Hart is a firm believer in the business, as long as expectations are right.

"I think if you're smart about it and you kind of micromanage the situation and you don't live outside the touring budget and you keep your expectations within reason, there's absolutely money to be made, even for smaller upstart bands like ourselves. At least enough to pay your bills and put a little extra money in your pocket," Hart told Noisecreep.

Burn Halo released their self-titled debut in March. After the album dropped, the band hit the road, providing support for all sorts of acts including Halestorm and Buckcherry. Through it all, the band has kept costs down, priorities in check and the huge record labels at bay.

Hart continued, "We're not in a bus, we're not in an RV. We never tour an RV. To me, it's being in a van and trailer, keeping things simple, grabbing a couple hotel rooms a night and keeping expenses low. You know, when a band can be self-sufficient and not have to rely on taking money from a record label, I think it's better to do things on your own."

Hart says having a bus costs bands a grand a day, plus added expenses for a crew and more. By being self-sufficient, Burn Halo has been able to tour across America on their own time -- and their own terms. He finished, "I think you need keep your expectations within reason, and if you're doing all the right things and you continue to grow as a band and develop a fan base, things are just going to get bigger and better."