Welsh outfit Bullet For My Valentine have released the video for 'Breaking Point,' one of the standout cuts featured on their fourth album 'Temper Temper.' The release comes on the heels of their previous video 'P.O.W.,' which premiered last month.

Although there's nothing visually elaborate about the 'Temper Temper' clip, the main attraction is the propulsive performance and frontman Matt Tuck's aggressive lyrics. "Please don't test my patience," sings a sleeveless Tuck, who's apparently giving out free tickets to the gun show. "My short fuse you don't want to ignite / Do not scratch the surface and wake the beast 'cause it's ready to fight." The song's serious tone, however, doesn't stop it from being a rather melodic, albeit adrenaline-driven rocker.

To bring a different dimension to their music, the band traveled to Thailand to start recording and writing for the album, which came out in February via RCA. Sans any daily distractions, the group was able to fully concentrate on the songwriting process for the album, which was their follow-up to their 2010 effort 'Fever.'

The road has been a constant companion for the group, as they recently headlined the 'HardDrive Live' tour. Next up for Bullet For My Valentine is a journey back to the U.K. where they'll play the Download festival on June 14.

Watch Bullet for My Valentine's 'Breaking Point'