For Los Angeles rockers Buckcherry, touring with Kiss is like attending to rock 'n' roll school. "We were fortunate," lead singer Josh Todd told Noisecreep. "We did about 24 shows with them [1999's debut, 'Buckcherry'] in Europe. It was incredible. We were a baby band. We had never been in an arena or anything like that. We learned a lot.

"Now it's been a decade since we've been touring. It's going to be great to be on stage with them and celebrate, I think, the 35 years that they've been around."

Buckcherry is opening for Kiss' Kiss Alive 35 Tour, which kicks off with two shows in Detroit at the soon-to-be closing, legendary Cobo Arena, the destination of the characters in the movie 'Detroit Rock City.' Buckcherry is touring in support of its re-released version of 'Black Butterfly,' which spawned the hits 'Too Drunk ...,' 'Rescue Me' and 'Don't Go Away.'

"Detroit rock city baby," Todd said emphatically. "It's going to be great. We have a big fan base there. I know Kiss has got a huge fan base. It's going to be bananas. People are going to [get] drunk and crazy, and it's going to be a big rock show. "

During the tour, which runs through Dec. 6, Buckcherry hope to remain consistent, as Kiss taught them. "They taught us how to really go out there every night and have a consistently great show," Todd said. "That takes a lot of practice and a lot of discipline. They were really great at that. I was really impressed by that.

"They would go out there for two hours, and they sounded the same every night. I just thought that was pretty impressive, especially with how old they were. I was just thinking, 'Wow. I have so much work to do.'"