Playing songs like 'Crazy Bitch' and 'Too Drunk ...' acoustically proved to be tough for Los Angeles rockers Buckcherry.

"It's fun but it's challenging because we're a rock band," singer Josh Todd told Noisecreep. "When we break it down, we have to work on it a little bit so it sounds more like an acoustic song. But it's a lot of fun."

Buckcherry released the acoustic video below exclusively to Noisecreep in support of the re-release of 2008's 'Black Butterfly' and the appropriately titled live album, 'Live and Loud 2009.' The new version of 'Black Butterfly' includes a Deep Purple cover.



"We've got a new song, 'Highway Star,' which was a theme song for NASCAR," Todd said. "We trimmed out a lot of the fat and made it into our own song. Everybody really responded well to it, so it gave us this idea to re-release the record and put it on. It's a little something extra. It's really cool to have a record with that on it."

For 'Live and Loud 2009,' Todd and the rest of his band -- lead guitarist Keith Nelson, rhythm guitarist Stevie D., bassist Jimmy Ashhurst and drummer Xavier Muriel -- recorded several shows in Canada and culled from them their best performances.

"We made this great live record," Todd said. "It's 15 songs and it's pretty much a night out with Buckcherry. I think people will really dig it."

He explained that Buckcherry, which have begun writing new material for their forthcoming 2010 album, recorded several shows to ease the pressure to be perfect for the live CD.

"You're on stage and you're totally conscious of being completely on key every note, at least as singer, and the guitar player, drummer and bass player, you're just wanting to play all your parts perfectly," Todd said. "It kind of takes away from what you're doing on stage. That's why we recorded six shows so we can forget about all that and relax and have a good time and really capture the true essence of what's going on. If it was just one show, it would be weird.

"You really just have to go in there with a mindset it's just another show," Todd continued. "'Let's just go up there and have a good time.' When you do that, it always comes out great. It's when you over-think it and you're like, 'OK we're recording tonight. Let's be great.' That's when everything goes wrong."