Yes, you should have déjà vu right about now. Bring Me the Horizon released a video for 'Go to Hell for Heaven's Sake' this summer, but that particular clip was comprised of Warped Tour footage. Now, the U.K. rabble rousers have dropped the "official" video for the track, which is full of religious images and icons.

Let's just say this clip won't make any Catholics or clergymen happy nor will it convert them into full-fledged BMTH fans or card-carrying members of the British band's fan club.

The band performs in a church, and the video is filled with images of guillotines, a suicide that finds a man puts a gun to his temple and other stark scenes of things like swings without children sitting on them; voodoo dolls; crucifixes; burning crosses; pupils and irises; a pack of lions devouring prey; and a decaying animal carcass. None of its pleasant, but not everything in life is.

There's nothing pretty about this clip, which tends to focus its eye on charismatic singer Oli Sykes, who is tattooed up to his eyeballs, including a heavily inked neck and palm. You can draw your own conclusion about what point the band is trying to make about organized religion and its iconography.