Bring Me the Horizon, fresh off a SxSW stint, have achieved somewhat of an 'It band' status in their native UK, where metal is the genre du jour of the masses. But BMTH hopes to conquer the American market and views our metal scene as one that is on the upswing!

"The metal scene out here is f*cking thriving," vocalist Oliver "Oli" Sykes told Noisecreep. "It's awesome! I mean, it's good in the UK right now too, but in America, it feels like it's taking over, I mean Lamb of God just made it to number two on the Billboards (sic)!" While Sykes has a point, his enthusiasm for metal on domestic shores is nothing if not infectious.

BMTH plans to make 2009 a busy, banner, all-star year, with Sykes spitting out the following credo: "This year's gonna see us touring a shit load, writing a new album and stabbing prostitutes in the face." We're certain that little statement about ladies of the night is a joke, but the music Bring Me the Horizon makes on 'Suicide Season' is just as brutal as that sentiment that the band's singer made in jest. In other BMTH news, guitarist Curtis Ward also recently bolted from the band over the always vague, yet ever-popular "differences" excuse. It's been deemed an amicable split, as the band's guitar tech is filling in until a permanent replacement is found.