Poison frontman and reality star Bret Michaels has filed a second lawsuit against the producers of the 2009 Tony Awards, where he was hit in the head with a falling stage prop.

According to Michaels' lawyers, CBS could have used "the standard seven-second broadcast delay" to keep viewers from seeing the mishap, the New York Post reports. Instead, the suit claims, "the defendants took no such measures -- presumably because the incident would lead to greater publicity and ratings for the show."

The mishap left him with a cut lip and broken nose, and in the initial suit he filed last year, the rocker claimed that the incident led to the brain hemorrhage and mild stroke he suffered in 2010.

As a result of CBS's failure to act, Michaels says, he suffered "humiliation when video of the incident immediately spread across the Internet."

Defense lawyers have yet to comment on the suit, which could be worth up to $50 million.

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