Bret MichaelsIt's too early to start making fun of Poison frontman Bret Michaels, considering every week or so some report comes out suggesting the rocker might still be dealing with potentially life-threatening health issues. But while we refuse to laugh at Michaels at least until he's as healthy as a well hung horse, we're perfectly willing to laugh with him. Before he suffered a near-fatal subarachnoid brain hemorrhage in late April, Michaels taped a voiceover for the season premiere of Nick at Night's claymation comedy 'Glenn Martin, DDS,' which airs June 11.

Michaels plays himself in the episode, which features the rocker as the co-host of an invasive game show alongside Howie Mandel (who also voiced his character). In the episode, titled 'Bust 'em Up,' the main characters of the show, Jackie (Catherine O'Hara) and Glenn (Kevin Nealon), book a weekend at a vacation spa in an effort to put some spark back into their marriage. What they didn't realize is that the resort is really a reality show called 'Bust 'em Up' that strives to humiliate couples and destroy their marriages.