When appearing on last season's 'Celebrity Apprentice,' Poison rocker Bret Michaels was dispatched with the task of creating a new flavor of Snapple, called Trop-a-Rocka Tea. The spicy and fruity diet recipe, which features a blend of green and black teas, cinnamon, pear, and mango, has become so popular that the beverage company is making the formerly limited-edition flavor a permanent part of their drink line. Supply and demand, baby! It's simple economics.

A portion of the proceeds from the tea are donated to diabetes research. All Celebrity Apprentices compete to benefit their favorite charities, and Michaels has been very open about his diabetes and support of charities working to cure the disease. Trop-a-Rocka-Tea was Snapple's best-selling limited-edition flavor, and $250,000 has already been donated to the cause.

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