Poison singer/guitarist Bret Michaels has shown off his creative side by designing a range of toys, beds and clothes for pets. The line, called "Pets Rock," is now available exclusively at PetSmart. Your pets will be stylish if you dress them in Bret's bandanas, so bring out the inner rock star of your canine or kitty by grabbing these items at the pet supply chain. But before you do, check out the video (after the jump) that the rocker filmed for fans and shoppers. [Pet Smart]

Deuce, formerly of Hollywood Undead, has run into some drama. He claims that he was jumped and beaten by his ex-bandmates, but that remains a matter of conjecture and speculation with the authorities. Through it all, he remains undeterred. "Even if I wasn't makin' money from music, I would still go in my bedroom and be like 'I don't care,'" he said. "I'm gonna still record, I'm gonna have fun. Who's gonna stop me? Who the fuck is gonna stop me? No one's gonna stop me. I have my own studio, I record on my own, I don't need anybody except my homies and that's and that's what it is." Deuce can't be stopped, people! [Loudwire]

Metal Blade Records has placed its entire digital catalog on Google Play. Everything from As I Lay Dying and Armored Saint to Whitechapel and Vomitory are available. Nearly 600 titles from over 200 different artists have been added to the vast amount of music, books, movies, apps and games that can be purchased and synched across multiple Android and web-enabled devices. Google Play is entirely cloud-based, so all your music, movies, books and apps are stored online, always available and at your fingertips. Enjoy, metalheads. Oh, and in celebration of Metal Blade's 30th Anniversary, a five-track sampler featuring As I Lay Dying, Cannibal Corpse, Battlecross, The Black Dahlia Murder, and King Diamond can be accessed on Google Play. [Google Play]

Watch Bret Michaels' Pets Rock Video