Bret Michaels is known for lots of things including rocking, rolling and bandanas. He's also known for philanthropy. Michaels recently raised $186,000 for St. Jude Children's Hospital at the Eric Trump Celebrity Golf Invitational.

In addition to a solo performance, the Poison singer gathered celebs who matched his 25K donation to St. Judes. Amanda Seryfried, Joe DeVivo, Ivana Trump, and Barbara Verastro all donated to the cause. A signed Bret Michaels guitar was also auctioned and brought an additional 15K for the hospital.

"People were dancing on tables," Eric Trump said of Michaels' performance.

The outing took place at New York's Trump National Golf Club in Westchester.

Holden Leeds

Watch 'One More Day' From Bret Michaels

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