Bret MichaelsAccording to reports, Joseph Zabramski, Bret Michaels' attending doctor, held a press conference at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, Ariz. The purpose of the press conference was to give the press and the public an update on the Poison frontman's health since he suffered a brain hemorrhage nearly two weeks ago. Pubic and media interest in the case has been intense.

The singer is expected to make a full recovery, which isn't common for those who suffer such an injury. The doctor also said that Michaels can walk and talk, although not at full capacity. Michaels remains under medical supervision and is undergoing physical therapy. The blood clot in his brain is also beginning to dissolve. Michaels' diabetes complicates matters, preventing him from receiving a normal course of treatment, such as steroids.

Michaels' management team was being quite optimistic about his recovery, saying he'd be up and ready for a summer tour. given this information, we're not so sure that's a realistic goal, but a positive outlook is crucial in this case. Whatever the outcome, the entire hard rock and metal community is pulling for Bret Michaels to make a full recovery! We love ya, Bret!