For Bret Michaels, 2010 was anything but boring. The Poison singer and reality show star made headlines for both his entertainment - and private - life. Those headlines earned Michaels the title of Fox News' "Celebrity of the Year."

In an exclusive interview with - the celebrity entertainment blog of Fox News - Michaels said, "Talk about roses and thorns. In 2010, it was either really good or it really sucked-there was no in-between."

It's true that Michaels had many ups and downs during 2010. He got bonked on the head by a curtain at the Tony Awards. Months later, he had an emergency appendectomy and later suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage. Bret recovered and went out on the road with his solo band.

Eager to move his celeb reality status a notch higher, Michaels became a contestant on the NBC show 'The Apprentice.' Throughout the show, the rocker's work ethic impressed boardroom head honcho Donald Trump. His hard work paid off and Michaels won 'The Apprentice,' donating his winnings to the American Diabetes Association.

As if that wasn't enough, Michaels continued to perform as a solo act, appeared on the finale of 'American Idol,' released a new album called 'Custom Built' and landed another reality show 'Life As I Know It.' The VH1 show features Bret, his girlfriend Kristi Gibson and their two children. Bret proposed to Kristi on the show's finale.

Michaels is scheduled for surgery in January to repair a hole in his heart.