Bret Michaels has decided to cancel his inaugural Rock Your World Super Cruise.

The four-day event had been scheduled for a November 11th Miami, Fla. kick off. The Poison frontman was forced to kill the cruise after the event's promoter allegedly backed out. "I just want to let everyone reading this know that I plan on throwing a party of rock star proportions," Michaels told Noisecreep in an early June 2011 interview. "I'm bringing bands, comedians, special surprise guests -- you name it. I'm making the day planner myself. I just want to make it a party from the minute the guests step onto the ship to the minute they leave us. So far the ticket sales have blown up. We'll eventually have the entire ship sold out. I don't doubt that at all," said the rocker at the time.

A full statement from Michaels about the cancellation can be read below.


"Ninety-five percent of the time, in the entertainment business, you deal with great promoters and agents. However, there is always a five percent chance of someone or something not being on the up and up, as was the case with our promoter in Syracuse, whom I filed suit against and fought to get people's money refunded as best I could. In this case, the promoter, Willie Donwell, backed out of this event. He will not and cannot fulfill his contractual obligations. It has also come to my attention that Mr. Donwell has been involved in at least one other lawsuit of a similar nature in which he was sued by Prince. As a work for hire, I have always been and am ready still to perform as per my original contract. However, that option is not available as Mr. Donwell has attempted to release himself from his obligations and put his business dealings off on others. The goal was to give my fans the concert cruise experience of a lifetime and I have gone out of my way to do that. Even as late as yesterday I was on the radio with WMMR helping to promote this event.

"As this is my first ever cruise, I want to reassure everyone that I have went out of my way to try and make this the best fan cruise on the high seas. Again, we are all victims of what I believe is a less-than-reputable promoter who apparently feels he can take advantage of both artists and fans. Know that I am working hard to right this wrong. All money will be refunded to you by Shoreline Travel."

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