Who knew playing in an empty open field next to a still lake could look so disarmingly brutal? Brain Drill's video for 'Beyond Bludgeoned' offers no special effects or especially innovative camera angles. There are no crushed skulls, fiery pentagrams or severed limbs and the trees in the background of some of the shots are less ominous than distracting.

And yet the clip is still jaw droppingly simply because of the extreme energy and immense levels of skill exhibited by the members of the Santa Cruz, Calif. tech-death metal band. 'Beyond Bludgeoned' was filmed earlier this year near Birds Landing close to the San Joaquin Delta in Rio Vista, Calif. The clip was directed by Nikko DeLuna and shot by Justin Potter.

The song comes from the band's upcoming album, 'Quantum Catastrophe,' which comes out May 11. The disc was recorded at Castle Ultimate Studios in Oakland, Calif. with Zach Ohren, who engineered, mastered and produced along with the band.

'Quantum Catastrophe' is the follow-up to 2008's 'Apocalyptic Feasting.'

'Quantum Catastrophe' track list

'Obliteration Untold'

'Beyond Bludgeoned'

'Awaiting Imminent Destruction'

'Nemesis of Neglect'

'Entity of Extinction'

'Mercy to None'

'Monumental Failure'

'Quantum Catastrophe'