Bon Jovi's former tour manager Richard Bozzett has written a book about the band's early years, when New Jersey's favorite son John Bongiovi morphed into megastar Jon Bon Jovi. It's called 'Sex, Drugs and Bon Jovi,' and that title is enough to perk Noisecreep's ears up! The book reportedly talks about how JBJ used to take speed in order to prepare for shows, how the 'Living on a Prayer' tour rescued the band from the brink of financial ruin and how the band's managers had unsavory dealings with cocaine and marijuana traffickers. It also covers a publicity stunt that almost ended the band's career and their unofficial two-year breakup.

The book, which sounds like a page-turner, is also stuffed with never-before-released photos of the band. The book is said to chronicle JBJ's rise to unimaginable superstardom, breaking the formerly impenetrable circle of secrecy that surrounded the singer.

The tome just came out this week and is available at It's only $25, so if you want to learn more about the rise of Jovi, which I sure do, head over to the site to watch the trailer, which shows some of the lascivious photos. No matter what the book reveals, I will still love Bon Jovi for life.