Bobaflex have a lot of pent up frustration due to a myriad of personal and professional issues. Luckily for hard rock fans, the band channeled it all into the blistering new album 'Hell in My Heart,' which dropped on Aug. 30.

"We lost management, went through three divorces and a two-year legal battle for our recording rights just to make this record," vocalist/guitarist Marty McCoy told Noisecreep about the drama storm that surrounded the band and its music as of late. The band was signed to TVT, which went into bankruptcy a few years ago, creating a whole tangle of legal headaches. But Bobaflex didn't let the setback become the end of them.

McCoy continued, "Everyone forgot about us or wrote us off; everyone but our true fans. 'Hell in My Heart' was born from our struggle and our fans love."

Watch 'Chemical Valley' from Bobaflex

Download 'Chemical Valley' for free

There's no better set of ingredients for a solid metal record, that's for sure! The band also released a maniacal video for their equally maniacal song 'Chemical Valley.' The song seethes punk rock energy from every pore and features the amped-up band performing in dark spaces and there's plot footage involving gas masks and all sorts of 'chemicals.'

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