Blood on the Dance Floor's name is a bit misleading. They are not a tough guy, carnage-inducing, mosh-till-the-blood-spills band. Instead, Blood on the Dance Floor mix dancey electronics with elements of rock, which the kids love and the elitists hate. The band will release its second full-length album, 'All the Rage,' on June 14th.

The band was quite blunt a about their propensity to polarize heavy music fans. "Hate us for who we are, at least it's better than being loved for what we are not," they recently told Noisecreep.

In a statement, the band opened up about 'All the Rage' and what they hoped to accomplish with the record. "We wanted to make a personal record for our fans," said BOTDF founder Dahvie Vanity. "'All The Rage' isn't about fashion. When we use the word 'rage,' it's all about emotion and becoming the change you want to see in yourself and the world. 'Epic' was an introduction to Blood On The Dance Floor. 'All The Rage' is a much more fulfilled, more personal record. It's 13 different songs, 13 different 'rages' that make up me and Jayy (Von Monroe, co-vocalist) and what drives us."

BOTDF will perform on the Warped Tour this summer, where the duo will be backed by a full four-piece band. "It's not about being a one man show," Vanity said. "It's all of ours' show. We've finally come through as more than a one-man unit. An ultra-force. Kids save up for this tour all year. We want to make it worth it for them. We want to go out there and show them our love for them. The haters motivate me. It's BOTDF vs. The World. It's an epic battle. We're ready to fight."

Watch the video for 'Death to Your Heart'