blessthefall take their touring seriously. The Phoenix, Ariz. metalcore heroes trekked around the world for about 300 days in 2011.

Warming up backstage for the band's set at the recent December to Remember festival in Anaheim, Calif., lead guitarist Eric Lambert was exhausted but exhilarated as he thought about the past year.

"It was by far the craziest year in our career - in our lives, probably," he laughed. "We recorded the best album of our lives, 'Awakening,' and also played some of most gnarly tours ever. What's crazy for me and the other guys in the band is looking at how much we grew this year; how far we've come. It's exactly what you want to do as a band and so we're feeling really good about the next year. I think 2012 will be even bigger for us, especially since we are doing this massive tour with Asking Alexandria. Amazing ticket sales so far, I hear. Then we go to Southeast Asia, Japan, New Zealand, then back home to tour this summer."

But on this night, Lambert was most excited about being home for Christmas.

Charles Epting

"I'm going home to Arizona to see my folks. We were in Toronto playing a show on Thanksgiving and I really missed my family. So I'm just looking forward to maybe taking my dad's jeep out into the desert with him and just cruising around, spending quality time. You miss a lot of things being on the road, this will be a good time to catch up."

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