weren't crippled when vocalist Craig Mabbitt bolted for the gig as Escape the Fate's new frontman. Guitarist Eric Lambert exclusively told Noisecreep, "The split with Craig was, at first, his decision, and to be honest, we were happy he was departing. We weren't too fond of him anymore, and he wanted to be a dad, so we were totally supportive. He compromised and said he would finish out the European tour and Taste of Chaos, and then we'd just go our separate ways."

But as the saying goes, even the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry! On their run in Europe with Silverstein, Mabbitt was disruptive, causing drama and controversy with other members of the band! Lambert said, "We had all had enough of him, and he just 'peaced out' on us, left us with 16 shows to go and no singer."

Rather than collapse at the singer's abrupt exit, Blessthefall soldiered on -- recruiting new vocalist Beau Bokan, formerly of Take the Crown -- for 'Witness,' their second album overall and first album for Fearless, due out Oct. 6. "We couldn't be happier with Beau," Lambert admitted. "He's a great singer and became a brother so fast. I couldn't imagine being in this band without him. He sings all of his parts spot on and interacts well with the kids."

Internally, things have improved with the addition of Bokan, with Lambert saying, "Having a singer change has brought us closer as a band. We went through a very dark time in our lives thinking we wouldn't be a band anymore and started accepting reality. The kid was like a gift from God or something. We couldn't be better friends now and can get through anything."

Essentially, 'Witness' is about the drive to keep going, to never back down, give up or give in. The record was almost a salvo against all the naysayers who didn't expect the band to rebound post-Mabbitt. "We all wanted to shut up everyone who ever doubted us and let them know Blessthefall isn't about Craig Mabbitt. It's about five musicians getting together and making music that drives our souls," the guitarist said.

Blessthefall are just one of a handful of bands that aren't feeling the way their music scene is evolving, or in this case, devolving. "It's all about crappy auto tune and crappy breakdowns," Lambert said. "Or crunk-wannabe rap bands. Music has turned to s---, in my opinion." Lambert wasn't shy about admitting he's down with everyone from Every Time I Die to As I Lay Dying to Justin Timberlake and Dave Matthews, either! Lastly, Lambert hates being asked if BTF are a Christian band, because "religion isn't based on what someone else in the band believes. It's based on your beliefs. We aren't the band having naked strippers in our videos. I'll let you be the judge."