BlaskoBlasko, bassist for Ozzy Osbourne, will be part of the house band, which also includes Prong's Tommy Victor on guitar and Rob Zombie's Tommy Cluefetos on drums, at Heavy Metal Karaoke, which will be a two-month residency in Hollywood and Las Vegas beginning Jan. 12. The event will be a step up from standard karaoke, with real metal musicians playing real metal staples. Singers won't be singing to a vocal track, either! They'll be backed by a live band of metal musicians!

Blasko offered some Heavy Metal Karaoke tips to the singers who will be coming out to sing their asses off for all the world to see.

Have fun. "We'll have lyrics for them, and hopefully they know the song. We've put together a set list of the simple tracks. We didn't go crazy and be like, 'Let's do some obscure B-side or deep cut stuff.' We went with the obvious, like, 'Screaming for Vengeance,' 'Paranoid,' 'Run to the Hills' and the obvious tracks that the average person should be able to get themselves through, so the people in attendance will enjoy hearing people annihilate them!"

Drunks may apply! "I hope that some wasted dude gets up there, and he can be the thing that makes it that much more enjoyable. I encourage people to be wasted while they do this."

Leather pants are welcome. "Oh yes. Hey, look, come for the party and looking the part. This is your op to get on stage with dudes from these bands and do your thing. By all means, come prepared to give us 110 percent."

If you think you've got the right stuff, then start practicing for Heavy Metal Karaoke now!