Montreal's Blackguard, who once had a violinist in their ranks, are planning to release their Victory debut this spring with a tentative March or April release date on the horizon. After their name change -- they went by the much more fantastical Profugus Mortis -- a stint with Sumerian and Nuclear Blast, then contracting their ranks to a five-piece, the band is happily moving forward.

"Musically we'll be mixing things up a bit," vocalist Paul "Ablaze" Zinay told Noisecreep. "The new record's gonna have all the familiar elements we're known for, with some new ones to keep things interesting. The last record had a lot of fast songs, so this time we're gonna throw in some slower, groovier tunes to get those heads banging and not just inspire circle pits."

Blackguard will have an incredibly busy year for 2011, and they'll pretty much take up residence on the road. A one-off show in Mexico City with Moonspell, Finntroll and Ensiferum is on tap for Jan. 22, followed by the 70,000 Tons of Metal Festival in Miami.

Blackguard will then hit the road for a tour with Deicide beginning Feb. 15, which runs through March 19. They'll follow up that dastardly trek by joining up for a run with Symphony X, Nevermore, Soilwork and Powerglove, which launches April 21 and takes them through the spring.

Ablaze -- who admitted to being a huge darts fan and even brings his own set of darts on the road -- is also a fitness enthusiast studying to attain his personal training certification. He hopes to connect to the job as a metal singer, too. "One day I'd like to train other bands we're on tour with to make extra cash," he said. "I figure I'd just get them to do beer curls and charge $30 an hour. Shouldn't be too hard."