The NHL's New Jersey Devils are making effective use of Black Water Rising's 'Rise.' The song is being utilized as the Devil's Army theme song as part of the team's 'Rise Up!' campaign, which is designed to rally the Devils and hockey fans. Additionally, the song is also being blasted into the arena at all Devils home games this season as they take the ice. The song is a blues-infused, riffy anthem, so it is quite the cocktail that should get adrenaline coursing through both the players' and fan's veins.

"This all just kind of happened without us even pursuing anything," guitarist John Fattoruso told Noisecreep about their unlikely partnership with the New Jersey Devils. "We got am e-mail from a friend who heard it and we went investigating and there it was on their website. Now it's time to capitalize on such a huge opportunity to get the name and music of Black Water Rising out there even more. It was just a case of being in the right place at the right time, I guess you could say. We're stoked about it!"

BWR bassist Oddie McLaughlin is thrilled about the prospect, as he is a die-hard hockey fan. Clearly, the band's allegiances should lie with the very team that is utilizing their song. Let's hope there are no New York Rangers or New York Islanders fans in the Black Water Rising camp.

That said, members of the band aren't going to offer any of their predictions about the nascent season just yet, with Fattoruso admitting, "It's hard to give any predictions right now, but obviously, since they are using our song, we will have to root for the Devils and hope they do well, because how would it look if they totally suck this year and they are coming out to our song? Haha!"