Los Angeles' Black Veil Brides have shot to notoriety -- but that's not surprising, as the band's vision has always been clear cut. This is Sunset Strip glam rock set for a dark theater; it's for the ones who didn't get it the first time. 'Perfect Weapon' is that vision in video form.

From the zipping up of leather to the makeup stares to the camera, Mötley Crüe shines through 19-year-old frontman Andy Six -- endearing yet vengeful. As the rest of the Brides open up in thrash double time, Six modernizes the band with metalcore screams.

The fast success of Black Veil Brides stems from their previous video 'Knives and Pens,' which has 12 million YouTube views since last summer. The band has been on the road with little breaks since. The collective screams of their name at video's end is not a forced addition -- their fans growl and greet them each night in that fashion.

Black Veil Brides debut full-length, 'We Stitch These Wounds,' is currently out on Victory/Standby Records.