Black Veil Brides had a breakout year in 2011. The glam metal excess of their wildly successful album 'Set the World on Fire' made the California-based quintet one of the hottest groups in both the U.S. and the U.K.

Curled up in the lounge of the band's bus just before Black Veil Brides' last show on the Buried Alive Tour (with Avenged Sevenfold, Asking Alexandria and Hollywood Undead), larger-than-life frontman Andy Biersack spoke to Noisecreep about the band's big year.

"It's definitely been our most important year in terms of breaking out of the scene to where we are now. (Before) we had a fan base on a cult level, but the release of 'Set the World on Fire' made it harder for people to ignore us - though many would still love to ignore us. But personally, this has been the most fun, interesting year I've ever had. Being that we've done so much this year, all these awards and record sales - I know people will next ask, "How will they top it?" But we don't think like that. For us, all we care about is maintaining what we do as a band.

"Also, I know people would like us to crash and burn a band. Here we are, a band that rises from nothing - and that bothers certain people. We've won both the best and worst band in so many major magazines - we just get written of so much but we don't care. For us, we are interested in doing what's col for us and what's cool for the audience. That's it."

As you can see, Biersack is blunt when he talks about what Black Veil Brides stand for.

"I have no goal to have artistic credibility," he said. "Look at a band like Mumford and Sons. I mean, I like them, but they are built for artistic credibility - so people can like them and feel smart for liking them. We're not like that. We're about rock and roll and having fun."

Charles Epting

Noisecreep then asked Biersack why the band chose to cover Billy Idol's 'Rebel Yell' on their new 'Rebels' EP.

"I've always been a big Generation X and Billy Idol fan. We chose that song because, well, I have a certain kind of voice that that song fits. I can't cover a Queen song. I'm not a a singer as much as a vocal stylist. And my voice just fits this the band. Also, my first KISS cassette was 'Revenge' so doing 'Unholy' on the EP was also great. I think it's their best record. The musicianship, level of songwriting, people wrote it off because it wasn't "classic era" KISS but i love that record."

As for as what the next year will bring Black Veil Brides, Biersack said he won't hold back in his performances, despite the many broken bones he suffered this year. "Onstage, I don't think about death or injury. I have enough other worries in my mind. I have enough weird, compulsive behavior that the one release I've always had is not being afraid of death. So onstage, I'll never hold back. i don't know how to."

Watch Black Veil Brides' 'Rebel Love Song' Video

As for copycat bands, he takes the imitators in stride.

"I see a lot of band that are starting to look like Black Veil Brides - that's okay. It's like we've always said: we've always set out to be more like Mötley Crüe, as opposed to W.A.S.P., and be original in what we do. So we've got to show bands that we are the kings of what we do."

Black Veil Brides' 'Rebels' EP is available now.