Black Sabbath have had a good couple of days, receiving loads of awesome gifts while on tour.

The band received gold plaques to commemorate the healthy sales of its new album '13,' which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 chart earlier this summer.

Bassist Geezer Butler shared the photo of band posing with their commemorative plaques after receiving them on his Facebook page.

Then, when the band hit Toronto for a gig at the Air Canada Centre this week, they were also gifted with personalized Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys! That's quite a keepsake and Butler posed proudly with his.

Notice that the jersey boasts the number 13, like the title of the new album. That's no accident or coincidence. That bright blue color would look good on Butler, although we doubt he'd don it for a trip to the supermarket. Those types of things are best kept framed since they are special and from the team and its venue.

Receiving items such as this are a real perk of touring. You get to enjoy a new city and its local culture and leave with a gift! Sign us up.